South Pacific Nurses ForumReports 2016
Tuesday 1st November
Making better health policy for better patient outcomes: How nursing can increase its voice and influence in policy making - Professional Jill White AM | View Presentation
Understanding Nursing Leadership via Carpers Patterns of Knowledge: How do we know whether we're getting there or have got there? - Professor Iain Graham and Professor Steve Campbell | View Presentation
Procedures and Policies for Emergency and Disaster Preparedness in the Cook Islands Hospital Emergency Department - Ms Nga Manea | View Presentation
Visionary Leadership - Dr Amelia Afuha'amango Tuipulotu | View Presentation
Transcultural Nursing: Its importance in Nursing Practice - J R Selwyn Houniuhi | View Presentation
Pacific Nursing Excellence "Cultural Democracy is Choice"- Ms Eseta Finau | View Presentation
Community and Health Service Responses to a Culturally Safe TB Ward at Atoifi Hospital, Solomon Islands - Mrs Rowena Asugeni | View Presentation
Binding Strength, Shifting Struggles, Realising our Freedom. Maori Motuhake: Advancing health outcomes through Indigienous Nursing Leadership in Aotearoa
Keynote Address: Strategic Management of Nursing Human Resources for Health - Ms Annette Mwansa Nkowane, Technical Officer, Nursing and Midwifery, Health Workforce Department, WHO | View Presentation
A 10-pronged Approach to the Preventation of Occupational Violence against Health Workers - Mr Mark Staaf | View Presentation | View Presentation
Nurses Aides in Solomon Islands: 'You don't know what you've got till it's gone' - Mr Christopher Chevalier, Mr Reuben Ma'au, Mr Isaiah Tukuvaka
Roles of Solomon Islands Nurses in Disaster Management - Alison Ripiapu | View Presentation
Our Global Identity as Indigenous Nurses and Midwives - Janine Mohamed | View Presentation
Voice for the Pacific - Ms Eseta Finau, Mrs Kerrie Nuku
Building a resilient Indigenous Workforce - Mrs Kerrie Nuku
Wednesday 2nd November
Keynote Address: Innovative Nursing Education for Improved Health Care - Professor Jill White AM, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Sydney | View Presentation
Encouraging Indigenous and Pacific Secondary Students into the Nursing Workforce: Findings from New Zealand mixed methods study - Dr Ruth Marion Crawford, Mrs Kathy Monson, Mrs Judy Searle
The Relationship Between The Learning Environment And The Competency of Comprehensive Health Assessment Skills Of Year One Nursing Undergraduate Students: An Integrated Review - Mr Reuben Ma'au | View Presentation
A Collaborative Learning Initiative: Third year nursing students undertake a primary health placement in the Cook Islands - Associate Professor Rachel Vernon, Dr Terri Gibson, Mary MacManus | View Presentation
A South Pacific primary health care nursing experience for 3rd year Bachelor of Nursing students - Ms Lucy Osborne | View Presentation
Identifying Capacity Building Gaps in Nursing Education in Solomon Islands - Leilah Laurish Ross | View Presentation
Success Story: Midwifery Training in Solomon Islands - Rhelma Harrington, Anita L Maepio | View Presentation
Building Research Capacity in the Solomon Islands: the learn-by-doing model - Humpress Harrington | View Presentation
Oral History and Nursing in Solomon Islands - Mr Christopher Chevalier | View Presentation
Keynote Address: Developing Nursing Workforce for Effective Service Delivery - Mr George Pego, National Deputy Director of Nursing | View Presentation
Mentoring: Can you do it from afar - Ms Yvonne Panik Hudson, Ms Suzanne Wallis | View Presentation
An Exploration into the Capacity Building Initiatives of the Clinical Nurses in the Solomon Islands - Mr Caleb Rale Mark | View Presentation
Current and likely Mental Health Issues from rising sea-level in a remote coastal region of the Solomon Islands - Mr James Asugeni | View Presentation
Thursday 3rd November
Keynote Address: Improved Health Service Delivery Through Nursing Practice - Dr Amelia Afuha'amango Tuipulotu, Chief Nursing Officer, Tonga | View Presentation
Actions required to improve neonatal mortality: the Every Newborn Action Plan - Dr Karen New | View Presentation
Investigating level of nurses practice on bedside care and its influential factors in the medical and children's ward - National Referral Hospital, Solomon Islands - Mrs Sanneth Talo, Ms Sandra Rollands, Ms Vaelyn Ehamana, Mr Oliver Sokana, Ms Harriet Salokeni, Mrs Nester Rathamana, Thomson Tete, Mrs Helen Orihao, Mrs Lilita Maeohu, Ms Dora Gonu, Ms Florence Rocky, Mr Gilbert Ptiua | View Presentation
Success Story: Early Essential Newborn Care in the National Referral Hospital, Solomon Islands - Ms Anita L Maopioh, Tija Blums | View Presentation
Avoiding Preventable Death - Mrs Katie Fono, RN, Felistus Bako | View Presentation
Neonatal Hypoglycaemia Using dextrose gel as a first line treatment - Donna Hovey, Dr Karen New | View Presentation
Rota Virus death Audits in Solomon Islands - Ms Alison Ripiapu, Ms Cynthia Joshua, Mrs Freda Pitakaka | View Presentation
Building sustainability in newborn resuscitation skills and knowledge in Papua New Guinea - Dr Karen New, Lucy Mahabi | View Presentation
Elimination of Soil Transmitted Helminiths: One Village at a Time - Mr Humpress Harrington | View Presentation
Challenges of neonatal hypothermia - can clinical audits improve practice? - Dr Karen New, Ms Aiva Pikuri | View Presentation
Audit of Foreign Objects (Sharps) exposure of human fluids through linen and infection prevention control problems in laundry service at National Referral Hospital | View Presentation
2015 An Exploration of Perceptions of Maori and Pacific Islands Families and Child Service Providers in Queensland about how to make Child Health Services relevant and culturally safe - Ms Wani Anabelle Erick
Collaboration for Quality Perioperative Nursing Care - Mabel Hazelman Taoi, Menna Davies, Sally Sutherland-Fraser | View Presentation
Birth Outcomes in the Solomon Islands: Identifying Associations between Obstetric Outcomes and Scio-demographic characteristics of women presenting for Childbirth in the National Referral Hospital in Honiara | View Presentation
Patient Satisfaction with Quality Health Care at Solomon Islands National Referral Hospital - Nelson A Bilau | View Presentation
Sharing the Experience of Clinical Challenges in Pre-eclampsia and neonatal mothers in Santo - Anna Maria Salmankin, Sarah Tinbaci, Catherin Wright | View Presentation
The level of experience and satisfaction of elderly people in Solomon Islands living in Honiara on home care and services provided at their houses, clinics and hospitals - Michael Jones Faka | View Presentation
Keynote Address: Impact of Nursing Regulation on Health Service Delivery - Ms Carolyn Reed, Chief Executive Officer and Registrar, New Zealand Nursing Council
Developing Contemporary, contextually appropriate nursing regulation in Tonga: A possible model for Pacific Countries | View Presentation
Nursing Practice and Quality Eye care Services - the Solomon Islands Perspective - Mr Elvis Naibo, Mr Kelvin Ray Jack | View Presentation
The Kwaio Traditional Medicines Handbook: Customary treatment of head lice with the falange tree - Tommy Esau | View Presentation
Regulation of Midwives: Ensuring Public Safety along with Confidence and Trust in Midwifery - Dr Judith McAra-Couper, Sharon Cole | View Presentation
Nurses' perceptions of quality care and the factors that facilitiates or inhibits quality nursing - Paula Kongua Puawe
Regulation of Midwives: Getting the Recipe right for Effective Regulation - Dr Judith McAra-Couper, Sharon Cole | View Presentation

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